Rarer Than Live Dragons – News of Game of Thrones’ Next Season Not About Jon Snow.

As reported on August 1st, Ian McShane is joining the cast of Game of Thrones Season Six in an unspecified role which many, including myself, have surmised to be Samwell Tarly’s father, Randyll Tarly. Spoilers for Season Five Below.

What makes this so remarkable is that it isn’t about Jon Snow. It seems every week another producer, writer, camera guy, craft service provider, random guy in Belfast, is being asked about whether Jon Snow will return from the dead in season six.

First of all, Kit Harrington along with anyone else who has been asked about this isn’t going to tell you the truth even if he is dead. They’ve all probably signed non-disclosure agreements that aren’t worth losing money over for your dumb website.

Second of all, for a bunch of people who so badly try to avoid being spoiled you sure are hard at work trying to spoil the show for yourself. What if one day Kit said yes? Or someone else? You would all lose your minds in anger over being spoiled for the next season even if it was your own fault for asking.

Here are the likely articles you are bound to read in the coming months about this very topic:

 “Kit Harrington wears leather, proof Jon Snow is donning his armor once again.”
 “Kit Harrington reports he has itchy elbows. Eczema due to cold climate for Game of Thrones shooting? Click to find out!”
 “Waffle iron on set of season six is brought out of storage. Jon Snow actors loves waffles, returning?”
 “Game of Thrones Extra Scratches Left Butt Cheek, Proof of What Everyone Feared.”
“Kit Harrington tells interviewer “Jon Snow’s last words were fuck you.” Deleted scene shows Jon Snow telling the audience he’d rather be dead than hang out with you, never liked you.” 

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