If you want The Winds of Winter to come out, stop reading about it.

In the news this week on many different pop culture websites is an interview with George R.R. Martin’s editor, Anne Groell speaking about an eighth A Song of Ice and Fire book sprinkled in between words like might, maybe, could be. I’m not going to link it because that would be the opposite of the point I’m trying to get across. This isn’t just a message to you, whoever is reading this waiting for The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring to come out but for me also. If you want it to come out before driving yourself insane you have to stop reading about it.

These news sites like IGN, Salon, TheMarySue, Nerdist, The Guardian, Entertainment Weekly and the like are all creating click bait that offer no real news about when the sixth book will come out. If you’re browsing whatever site you see news on, maybe a social network, maybe the site itself, and you see anything that isn’t “The official release date for The Winds of Winter is _____” then do not click it. It’s not going to bring the book out any faster. None of these for the recent interview have been consistent. with their reporting of the interview. Some have reported she definitely said eight books, without a source. Some have reported he has only 168 pages written, ignoring the part that in order to get paid he had to hand in some pages back in February of 2013 (A year ago).

I've been writing with a sausage the whole time, no wonder it takes so long!

This news site will dangle any tidbit in front of you in order to get you to click.

This could mean anything without context. Maybe that was the file he had on hand. You could use some context clues to figure this out. Groell says he’s very secretive about the plot in the book. She knows some secrets but she doesn’t know how it ends. Maybe, just maybe, he doesn’t what a file with his secrets going around.

All I am saying, and I know this from experience, is stop reading about new about George R.R. Martin and when the books will come out. Don’t click on the links that show up on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or any site. Just ignore it. There are millions of good books out there you can read in the meantime. Reading about when the next book is going to come out is just going to drive you crazy. It won’t make the book come out any faster. In fact, I’m going to say it’ll make the wait feel even longer.


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